Taking care of flowers in the garden

Taking care of flowers in the garden

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She discovered she had a passion for flowers while helping with her daughter's wedding. But like many mums, she was excited to help with the flowers for the big day. It sent her in an unexpected direction. Five years later, she runs a thriving business, The Posy Patch, that specialises in providing natural, eco-friendly funeral flower arrangements, her suburban garden now planted with a wide range of the foliage and flowers that she makes into beautiful floral tributes.

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Susanna Lee

Here is a guide. Poinsettia is the favorite holiday plant. It is given as a gift and also purchased to decorate the house and office during the Christmas season. With the right care, poinsettias will last and be colorful each year for several years. Modern poinsettia selections are much less sensitive to drying out than older versions were, but enough water is still the key to a long, attractive life.

When shopping for poinsettias, avoid plants that show any evidence of having dried out enough that the leaves are deformed or wilted. Also avoid specimens where the central flower bud is open wide or missing, which is the result of drying out. Plants on display indoors should be watered several times per week, to the point where water emerges from the drain hole. Any water deficit from limiting the water to that provided by the ice cubes can be made up with a once-a-week soaking of the plant in the sink.

For more details on ice cube watering, review one of the write ups on the process in plantanswers. Avoid placing poinsettias in a location subject to blasts of hot air from a heat register or the sun from a western window exposure. They are also sensitive to winds and temperatures that approach freezing. On ExpressNews. Another popular holiday gift is paperwhites. These are usually forced bulbs, and the attractive flowers bloom readily and produce a strong fragrance that you either love or hate.

The bulbs can be planted in the landscape after they have finished their stint in the house. Planted in partial or full sun, they will rebloom every year in November or December. It is hard to relate Christmas cactus to our normal idea of cactus. They are lush plants with colorful flowers that require generous watering to prosper.

They grow up in the trees in tropical forests. Treat your Christmas cactus much like poinsettias in terms of watering. Only reduce the watering after the plant blooms. In November of next year, if you want the Christmas cactus to bloom again at Christmas, it needs to be subjected to 14 hours of dark every night in a closet or similar situation. As you might expect, most never bloom again!

Amaryllis is another bulb often given as a present after being forced to bloom. The bulbs are huge compared to paperwhites and showier. The colors include versions of red, orange, white, pink and many bicolors. Every year, new hybrids appear on the market from South Africa, Israel and other locations. The success in getting them to rebloom in a forced situation usually works for a few years, but their survival in the landscape is hit and miss.

The normal process is to cut off the stalk of blooms after they fade and let the foliage grow in a container of potting mix in full sun or partial shade.

Watering is discontinued about 16 weeks before the bloom date target and resumed again eight weeks later. Fertilize with Osmocote. It produces four to six red flowers with white stripes on each of the stems up to four stems when planted in the garden.

If you have recently planted shade trees so deep that the root flare is buried or have added soil at the base of a tree, consider removing the soil to reduce the chance that the bark under the soil will rot and the tree will be girdled.

Living Christmas trees from Italian stone pine, Aleppo pine, Arizona Cypress, Deodora cypress, ornamental juniper and rosemary all make successful additions to the landscape. To stop cut ants from continuing to attack plants frm which they are collecting leaves, apply a strip of acephate across the path they travel from their mound to the target plant. Alyssum, sweet peas and stocks are cool-weather annuals that produce sweet-smelling blooms and that can be planted now.

Stocks and sweet peas provide flowers for bouquets that have fragrances potent enough to perfume the rooms where the flowers are placed. Christmas cactus It is hard to relate Christmas cactus to our normal idea of cactus. Advocates are worried that a last-minute law change means that students who need information about dating violence and child abuse will be the least likely to receive it. Befriending homeless man inspired S. Water well sample on S.

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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Daisy Flowers

Flowers are generally meant to be beautiful and give life to your garden with their colours and lingering scents. While many flowers are linked to romance and passion, some species are considered medicinal. For example, chamomile tea, made from chamomile flowers, has been used as a traditional remedy for a wide range of health issues including diabetes, high sugar level and inflammation. Another flower that has medicinal properties is butterfly pea or locally known as bunga telang.

When cuttings are taken they should be from four to six inches in length, planted which must be duly watered, taking care not to wash up the seeds.

How to keep Buxus healthy

Before you head out of town, make sure you take steps to keep your home's flora alive and healthy. Going out of town can be stressful, especially if you're traveling long distances or in-laws are involved. By the time you get your bags packed, kids in the car, pet care organized and travel plans sorted, you've probably forgotten how you're going to water the beautiful houseplants and healthy vegetable garden you've worked so hard to grow. But no need to fret because these four quick and easy methods will help you plan ahead and prevent your plants from suffering while you're away. And even if you have a black thumb, these tricks are still for you. Just a note: Only use these techniques for plants that need daily watering, like herbs , vegetables and some houseplants. Your succulents would rather you let them be when you're out of town. Read more: Our ultimate guide to growing a healthy garden.

Plants & flowers

The product is a garden pruning scissor, adoption of premium and durable steel material. Suitable for trimming branches, small trees, etc. Portable and easy to operate, really a wonderful gardening tool for choice. Skip to content.

Here is a guide. Poinsettia is the favorite holiday plant.

Houseplant care changes in winter

This low-maintenance plant grows 4 to 6 feet wide approximately 1. They hang in tubule clusters Night-Blooming Jasmine Tender Perennial Cestrum nocturnum' s tubular flowers are tiny, but at night their perfume spreads 20 feet. One of the most famous and desirable fragrant plants. Fragrances that pour into the darkened air of dreams. Grown for its intoxicating fragrance, the Night Blooming Jasmine makes an excellent shrub for gardens.

Gardening: Need a floral fix in winter? Learn to force bulbs

Follow the advice outlined below for a welcoming garden that's filled with color and fragrance—and song. It's chore time! Stepping back into the garden after a long, harsh winter can be overwhelming, but it is also a time of relief. Even with a winter chill still in the air, there are plenty of tasks to start handling now if you want to get your garden in party-ready shape by the time the temperatures rise. Big believers that gardening should add joy-not stress-to your life, we've come up with some tasks to get you reacquainted with your outdoor space.

I commit it to your especial charge ; and take care that no damage is ever done to it. I had rather that every tree in the park should be cut down than that.

9 Fall Garden Tasks You Can’t Ignore (Free Checklist)

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Derby mum's eco-friendly florist uses flowers grown in her own garden

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Contributed -- Tom Karwin. This column is another in our series of brief overviews of garden plants from Mediterranean or summer-dry climate regions. These thematic columns relate to the fall planting season, when gardeners might be selecting plants to install in preparation for winter growth and spring blossoming. It extends 2, miles north to south, averaging only miles east to west.

It's almost time to turn over a new leaf and if you're planning your planting for think about including specimens that will keep your garden looking spectacular all year round.

Gardening: Follow this plants calendar in 2022 to help you make your garden bloom all year round

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